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Hi everyone.
This is my first post in DarkRoom_Tips community.
Thanks for accepting me. Now it's time to introduce myself.

My name is Edgar Keats, I'm 25 and I'm from Lisbon, Portugal.
I am a music producer and I found photography some years ago, now I want to explore this fantastic world and evolve, I believe it's the knowledge and the experience that make our instincts go in an accurate mode, to create more and better.

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Thank you.

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This community seems to be pretty lonely, but i'm not sure if anyone reads it anymore. I do have a question: i just bought a complete color darkroom set for $75 (i know what a deal!) but i'm wondering if i use black and white paper and negatives would i be able to make black and white photos?

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helloo i've been working with darkroom black and white photography for a while now and i'm looking for constructive criticism, what i can do better and what you like. i'm going into color this summer so i'd like to know what i should maybe start doing to make my photos more interesting and better, if anything. i'm sorry these are all photos of photos..i really did my best to adjust them to what they actually look like. i don't have a scanner :( but i promise they look better in person so just keep that in mind. thank you!

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hi everyone, i'm posting some photos that i took a few weeks ago.
A friend and i went on a photo adventure, which i suggest to everyone go anywhere and it's always a hoot.

sorry i couldn't get my lj-cut to work so i'll post more later.
any tips on those lj-cuts let me know.
also please feel free to comment on my photos, because lately i've been so pissed at communities that are always like
"So good", "looks great" all the time to photos that aren't even worth the comments they get.
sorry about that rant.
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i want to know your opinion

I was wondering what you guys thought about the new trend in using polaroids? I think it's kinda cool, but i also think that alot of people are using them and making shitty photographs, wait scratch that, snap shots. And it's cool if you want to use a newer polaroid, but i prefer my polaroid landcamera 220 from the 60's. I know sometimes i sound like a snob when i talk about photography, but really think that alot of people think that they are photographers when they know nothing of the history or even how to work in a darkroom or any of the technicalities of it. Ok thanks for letting me rant haha.