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Fine Art Photography
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What is this about?
This community is for everybody who loves traditional photography. For the ones who love to stay in the darkroom for hours.

What can we do here?
You can give some tips, show some of your work, get some ideas for your next project, critque pictures and have fun.

Every Community needs rules!
- Put your pictures behind a cut.
- Nude pictures are ok but please put them behind a cut.
- If you post more than one picture, put the rest behind a cut.
- You can post any theme.
- No webcam shots, please!
- Don't post any pictures that aren't yours, claiming to be yours. You can post picturs of other photographers if you think they are appropiate. But please post the name of the photographer.
- No snapshots of you, your friends or your pets.
- Do not promote any other community unless I think they are related. Otherwise your whole post will be deleted.
- If I think your post is not appropiate, I will delete it.
- Be nice and have fun.

When you join the community and you've been accepted, please introduce yourself.
- Name
- Age
- Location
- What cameras do you have?

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